Books about the American Abolitionist Movement

The scholarly literature on American antislavery and abolitionism is vast and steadily growing. This site attempts to maintain an alphabetized list on published books on this topic. This bibliography is updated regularly, so recheck it periodically. Special thanks are due to Rich Newman and Stan Harold for their contributions to this bibliography. Please feel free to alert the webmaster of this site about new or overlooked books on this topic.

Articles about the American Abolitionist Movement

Scholars have written numerous articles about various aspects of the American Abolitionist Movement (see Review of Literature). This web site includes citations to scholarly articles dating from the nineteenth century to the present. They appear in five categories:



Race & Gender



Other Abolition-related bibliographical links

 As in a traditional bibliography, the articles are alphabetized by author and include acronyms for frequently cited sources (see Abbreviations).

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