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Slave Narratives     Top


North American Slave Narratives, Documenting the American South, University of North Carolina

Narratives in this collection include those of the following persons (among many others):

Charles Ball 

Henry Bibb 

Henry "Box" Brown

William Wells Brown

Lewis and Milton Clarke

William and Ellen Craft

Frederick Douglass (Narrative, My Bondage and My Freedom, Life and Times [1881] [1892])

Olaudah Equiano

Harriet Jacobs

Lunsford Lane

Solomon Northup

James W.C. Pennington

Sojourner Truth [1850] [1875] [1884]

Nat Turner

Samuel R. Ward

The Roving Editor, Chapter IV, by James Redpath

Excerpts from Slave Narratives, edited by Stephen Mintz

Biography of an American Bondman, by Josephine Brown, Digital Schomburg

Memories of Childhood's Slavery Days, by Annie L. Burton, Digital Schomburg

"My Escape from Slavery," by Frederick Douglass, Century Illustrated Magazine, Project Gutenberg

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, by Harriet A. Jacobs, Digital Schomburg

A Narrative of the Life and Travels of Mrs. Nancy Prince, Digital Schomburg

The Narrative of Bethany Veney, Digital Schomburg


Government Documents     Top

Slavery Documents, Avalon Project, Yale Law School

Fugitive Slave Act of 1793, Africans in America, PBS

Missouri Compromise, Africans in America, PBS

          Missouri Compromise and Henry Clay, Library of Congress

Dred Scott Case, Washington University Libraries

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, Project Gutenberg  

Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, 1862, (Transcript) National Archives and Records Administration

Emancipation Proclamation (Transcript), issued in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln, Project Gutenberg

Emancipation Proclamation, National Archives and Records Administration

District of Columbia Emancipation Act, National Archives and Records Administration

Newspapers & Magazines: Editorials & Articles     Top

The 19th Century in Print--Periodicals, Library of Congress

Toward Racial Equality: Harper's Weekly Reports on Black America, 1857-64,

The African-American Experience in Ohio, 1850-1920, Ohio Historical Society

African Slavery in America, by Thomas Paine,

Introduction of the Liberator,

Franklin County (VA): Slavery, Free Labor and Politics, Valley of the Shadow, University of Virginia

Editorials from the St. Louis and Alton Observer, relating to Illinois and antislavery, State of Illinois

Secession Era Editorials Project, Furman University


Pamphlets, Ephemera, & Artifacts     Top


Antislavery & Civil War Ephemera, Library of Congress

An American Timecapsule, Ephemera and Broadsides (search page), Library of Congress

African American Perspectives, pamphlets, Library of Congress

Prospectus of Frederick Douglass' Paper, Rochester (NY) Public Library

Am I Not a Man and a Brother? Africans in America, PBS

Garrison Antislavery Banner, Massachusetts Historical Society


Fiction     Top

Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, University of Virginia

Clotelle; or The Colored Heroine, by William Wells Brown, Project Gutenberg

Speeches     Top

Last Speech, by John Brown, Project Gutenberg

Murder of Elijah Lovejoy, by Wendell Phillips,

Crime Against Kansas, by Charles Sumner, Furman University

Ain't I a Woman?, by Sojourner Truth 

Correspondence     Top

Hannah Valentine/Lethe Jackson Slave Letters, Duke University

Wendell Phillips to Frederick Douglass, Project Gutenberg

Milo Adams Townsend, Peggy Jean Townsend and Charles Walker Townsend III

Organizational Documents     Top

Preamble to the Free American Society, Africans in America, PBS

Declaration of Sentiments, American Anti-Slavery Society, Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy

Journal of the Upper Alton Lyceum, State of Illinois

Antislavery Almanac 1839 (pictures), Old Sturbridge Village

          Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society
Music     Top

The Drinking Gourd, Popular Songs in American History

Follow the Drinking Gourd, NASA Quest

John Brown's Body, Popular Songs in American History

Antislavery Harp, by William Wells Brown, University of Virginia

Antislavery Songs, Frederick Douglass Papers, Library of Congress

African American Sheet Music from Brown University, Library of Congress

Slavery is a Hard Foe to Battle, Hutchinson Family, Library of Congress

Steal Away: Songs of the Underground Railroad, Appleseed Recordings

Collections of Documents     Top

Historical Documents, Africans in America, PBS

Electronic Text Center, African Americans, University of Virginia

Making of America (digital library), University of Michigan

Online Documents, Gilder Lehrman Center

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