Hutchinson Family

The Hutchinson family formed a well-known abolitionist singing group. Although Polly and Jesse Hutchinson had at least thirteen children, the family name often principally identified the musical quartet composed of Judson (1817-59), John Wallace (1821-1908), Asa (1823-84), and Abigail Jemina (1829-92). The Hutchinsons lived near Frederick Douglass's home in Lynn, Massachusetts, and he inspired them to join the abolitionist movement. They traveled with him on his journey to Great Britain in the 1840s, and they occasionally performed at meetings where he spoke. John W. Hutchinson, Story of the Hutchinsons (Tribe of Jesse) (Boston, 1896), 6, 40, 70-71, 146, 187-89; Carol Brink, Harps in the Wind: The Story of the Singing Hutchinsons (New York, 1947).

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