Lunsford Lane

Originally a North Carolina slave, Lunsford Lane (1803-?) bought his freedom. He entered the tobacco trade near Raleigh and began raising funds to purchase his wife an six children. Local authorities forced Lane to leave the state, however, and he moved to Massachusetts, where he appealed to abolitionists for help in acquiring his family. In 1842, he was arrested and nearly lynched when he returned to Raleigh to complete the transaction. Lane settled his emancipated family in Massachusetts, where he became an active abolitionist. Lunsford Land, The Narrative of Lunsford Lane (Boston, 1842); William G. Hawkins, Lunsford Lane: Another Helper From North Carolina (1863; Miami, Fla., 1969); W. Sherman Saxage, "The Influence of John Chavia and Lunsford Lane on the History of North Carolina," Journal of Negro History, 25: 20-24 (January 1940).

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