Historic Timeline
 1641 Massachusetts becomes the first colony to recognize slavery as a legal institution. 
 1646 Massachusetts Bay Colony declares two Africans free and orders their return to Africa at public expense.
 1770  Crispus Attucks is killed in the Boston Massacre.  
 1775 Black Patriot, Peter Salem, fights as Lexington and Concord.
 1780 Under a new state constitution, Elizabeth Freeman wins her suit for emancipation.
 1783 The Quock Walker decision ends legalized slavery in Massachusetts.
 1790 By this time, in the original 7 free states, slavery has been or is gradually being outlawed: Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.
 1835 A mob drags Garrison though Boston's streets and nearly lynches him before authorities remove him to a city jail for his own safety. 
 1854 When Anthony Burns, an escaped slave, is captured under the Fugitive Slave law in Boston, a huge protest ensues.