Historical Timeline
 1774-1787 Philadelphia is the site of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention.
 1780 Pennsylvania declares that all black children born slaves will be freed at age 28.
 1780 Pennsylvania achieved abolition through gradual emancipation acts.
 1790 By this time, in the original 7 free states, slavery has been or is gradually being outlawed: Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.  
 1794 Richard Allen establishes the AME Church in Philadelphia.  Philadelphia then flourishes as a center of the free black community and abolitionist movement.
 1817 James Forten leads a protest meeting of 3,000 blacks in Philadelphia against colonization.
 1833 Garrison and 60 other delegates, form the American Anti-Slavery Society in Philadelphia.  
 1834 During anti-abolitionist rioting, a white destroys 45 homes in Philadelphia's black community.
 1838 The Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women is cut short by a mob which stones members of the convention and sets fire to Pennsylvania Hall.