Isaac Post

Isaac Post (1798-1872) was born in Long Island, but moved to Scipio, New York, in 1823 with his first wife, Hannah Kirby. After the Hannahís death in 1827, Isaac married her younger sister, Amy Kirby, and moved to Rochester in 1836. In 1848, the Posts, originally Hicksite Quakers, became early converts to spiritualism, and Isaac soon attracted fame as a writing medium. In 1852, he published a work entitled Voices from the Spirit World, being Communications from Many Spirits, by the hand of Issac Post, Medium, which included messages from the spirits of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, along with other famous figures from history. Douglass respected Postís antislavery convictions, and upon Isaacís death in 1872, Douglass wrote that he never knew a man more just, charitable, unselfish, and full of good works. DAB, 15:117.

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