South Carolina


Historic Timeline
 1700's Nearly half of all slaves brought to North America arrive in Charleston.  Many of these slaves stay in South Carolina to work on rice plantations.
 1739 Over 20 whites are killed by Jemmy and his band in the Stono rebellion around Charleston.  
 1750 White slave owners occupy cities like Charleston, while the majority of the 40,000 slaves living in North America live on plantations.
 1790 By this time, slavery is entrenched in the original 6 slave states: Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Sough Carolina, and Georgia.
 1803 South Carolina reopens slave trade in Africa.
 1822 Denmark Vesey's Conspiracy is uncovered in Charleston.
 1861 South Carolina's attack on Fort Sumnter on April 12th, and the subsequent defense made by Lincoln, marks the beginning of the Civil War.

Slave Populations:


bullet1830: 315,401
bullet1860: 402,406