Historic Timeline
 1619  A Dutch ship brings first Africans to Jamestown to work on tobacco plantations.
 1639 Virginia enacts the first law excluding "Negroes" from normal protections provided by the government.
 1663  A Virginia court rule that a child born to a slave mother was also a slave.
 1667 Enslaved blacks and Indians are no longer affected by Christian baptisms, and therefore are unable to improve their legal status by changing religion.  
 1682 A law is past distinguishing the difference between servant and slave.
 1705 The Virginia General Assembly declares those servants who were not Christians in their native land slaves, and that slaves were property.
 1750 61% of British North American Slaves work in tobacco fields  in Virginia and Maryland.
 1775 Lord Dunmore proclaims that slaves who escape patriot masters and join the loyalists will be granted freedom.
 1790 By this time, slavery is entrenched in the original 6 slave states: Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Sough Carolina, and Georgia.
 1830 Nat Turner's Rebellion is put down in southeastern Virginia.
 1859 Harpers, Ferry, (W) Virginia: Militant abolitionist John Brown raids the Federal Arsenal in attempt to arm slaves in a revolt.  Revolt ends in bloodshed and defeat.

Virginia Slave Populations:


bullet1830: 453,698
bullet1860: 472,494


Washington D.C.

The nation's capital served as a center for the domestic trading of slaves; many lawmakers were slaveholders.  Slavery was not abolished in Washington D.C. until 1862.